Individual and Business Tax Experts

We specialize in individual and small business tax returns. Each of our customers receive comprehensive services by highly qualified tax experts. We take the time to get to know your specific tax profile and prepare an accurate return with the lowest tax liability possible. We have several advantages over other firms and leverage our specialized expertise to your benefit.

Start The Process Today

Start The Process Today

Don't procrastinate any more - let us help you take care of your taxes right away! Get started now and rest easy knowing that you're taken care of. 

GV Advantages

GV Tax Review

We review your tax returns for the last three years (or longer in some situations). We'll looked for missed deductions, credits, depreciation and other tax reduction opportunities. We'll also check for any lingering tax liability. This process will create a tax profile for you that we will use to prepare your current year return.

GV Audit Shield*

We go to great lengths to ensure your tax returns are accurate and that positions are properly supported. In the event that the IRS does select a return that we prepared for review, we will represent you before the IRS.. Customers get the added comfort knowing that we stand behind our work.

*restrictions apply

GV Tax Plan

Once your tax return is completed and filed we will give you a tax planning guide that provides easy to follow personalized advice to help you to reduce your taxes and save for the future.

Individual Expertise

Trusts & estates Taxpayers

We specialize in Form 1041 – Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts, 706 Gift tax returns, 709 Estate tax. We help families through this difficult time. 

Overseas Taxpayers

Taxpayers who lived in another country for all or part of the tax year face special tax laws. We've lived abroad for several years and know how to navigate these tricky waters. We can prepare your return no matter what country you are currently residing in. Contact us to learn more about overseas services.

Business Specialties

S Corps & LLCs

We're a big fan of S election corporations & limited liability companies because they avoid double taxation but this tax reduction comes with some very unique filing requirements. Poor record keeping leads to poor returns and can inflate taxes for your shareholders and partners. We can help you to avoid these pitfalls.

Sole Proprietors

Sole Proprietors are selected for audits more than any other business entity. This makes accurate bookkeeping and tax returns very important. We often recommend that Sole Proprietors create a separate business entity such as an S Corp and we can help you to do that.

Farming Businesses

Farmers enjoy very special tax treatment but also face unique challenges. Understanding the tax law governing farming businesses enables beneficial treatment and can dramatically effect your tax liability.

420 Tax advocate Cannabis Taxes and Business Bookkeeping

Cannabis tax law is challenging, let us help you navigate these tough tax compliance and regulation standards so you can focus on your business.We are here to help new or established cannabis businesses like retailers, dispensaries, and growers.

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